How Quality Management Makes Processes More Visible

How Quality Management Makes Processes More Visible
January 25, 2013 seouser
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  • They need a better idea of what is happening across the business and its various offices or plants.
  • They want to be able to easily share information across branches to foster growth and improvement.
  • Their customer complaints are not being processed as efficiently as they would like
  • They want to improve employee accountability to see who is doing what, who is certified to do certain tasks, who needs further training and who is not complying.
  • They are battling with collecting, accessing and sharing information and want a facilitator.

If this sounds like you, then you may also be wondering how a quality management system can help increase visibility and also answer the questions above.

Quality Management and Transparency

In the case of processes, the concerns above become vital – especially when a number of stakeholders are involved. To use an example, a global company may decide to begin a quality management program after struggling with issues such as data accessibility, accountability, customer feedback and compliancy. This company needs to indicate their processes to their investors, board and customers in order to show that they are meeting standards to keep the business running at optimal level. This company shared their processes, and focused their planning strategies to address the gaps they had in quality. From there, their stakeholders had a clear understanding of the company’s processes during the transformation, helping the company to continue to grow with even more locations all over the world. What this shows is that in order to be truly effective, a visible strategy is needed throughout the process. For companies that work with a large number of customers, a strategy that is supported by stakeholders as well as various departments and key managers ensures a far smoother transition. Companies that have a global presence or even a number of branches on a national or regional level also need a greater level of visibility to prevent issues from being overlooked. A quality management system offers the simplest way to make things visible – data is collected, easily accessible and able to be implemented according to your improvement goals to keep customers, stakeholders and the company happy.