How Much Does ISO 9001 Certification Cost?

How Much Does ISO 9001 Certification Cost?
September 10, 2020 seouser
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To find out how much ISO 9001 certification will cost your organization you need to contact an accredited registrar for a quote.

Remember, the total cost to company will include the costs of preparing for the certification process – whether you do that in-house or with a consultant.

Registrar costs for ISO 9001 certification

You should contact at least three registrars to compare the costs of their certification services.

The registrar will charge you by the day.

The final cost will depend on how long it takes the registrar to audit your organization.

This will depend on the organization’s size and complexity.

If the registrar isn’t local, charges for travel and/or accommodation expenses will be added.

There may also be administrative and accreditation fees.

Costs of preparing for certification

The costs of preparing for certification will depend on your organization’s existing level of compliance.

Whatever your level of readiness, you must allocate an in-house cost to the time employees spend building and implementing a QMS.

These costs will depend on the complexity of the process.

For example, does your organization have multiple facilities at different locations or a large number of divisions?

You can expedite the process by employing a consultant who’ll prepare a gap analysis. This will add to your costs.

Alternatively, buy a documentation and training package to help your organization get ready.

Post-certification costs

ISO 9001 certificates are issued for three years.

An organization must undergo annual or bi-annual surveillance audits to verify consistent compliance with the standard.

Ask your registrar about the cost of these audits.

There may also be an annual registration fee.

Ways to reduce ISO 9001 certification costs

Don’t let the costs prevent your organization from becoming certified.

Consider these ways to reduce the total cost.

Check the ISO 9001 requirements

Get a copy of the ISO 9001 standard. Read and interpret it to make sure your organization’s processes and strategy meet its requirements.

Control size

Limit the cost of implementation by controlling the scope. For example, do the benefits of including all branch offices outweigh the costs?

Consider a consultant’s costs

A consultant can carry out the entire process for you but you must be able to transfer knowledge so the consultant can design the QMS.

Request a special rate from registrars

Ask if they offer special rates for your type of organization.

Find hidden costs

Prevent unnecessary expenses by examining all quotes for hidden fees.

Enhance staff competencies

Provide training to develop employees’ competencies and skills, so they can help with implementation.

Perform a gap analysis

A gap analysis identifies gaps in your organization’s system compared to the standard’s requirements.

Use integrated management systems

It’s cost-saving to combine two or more standards together in an integrated management system.

Reduce paperwork

Digital documentation is far more efficient and cost-effective than paper documents.

isoTracker’s Audit Management Software

At isoTracker, we offer modular, cloud-based quality management software, including audit management software that can help you control the costs of ISO 9001 certification.

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It can help your company conduct and pass audits, and it drives improvements.

It has built-in features for ensuring that audit and compliance issues are reliably resolved.

The module can stand alone or integrate with our other quality management software.

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