Counting Down to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Launch Begins

Counting Down to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Launch Begins
December 15, 2014 seouser
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ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Update

Nigel Croft, ISO revision subcommittee chair, stated in a recent online update that there are a number of changes that will be outlined in the revision; however the focus on process-based approaches for outcomes will remain. According to Croft, “In the case of a quality management systems, [this] means, of course, consistent products and services consistently meeting customer needs and expectations.”

After approval to the latest draft that was sealed with a vote, the next stage of the revision has been entered – the Final Draft International Standard. Croft states that during this stage, the subcommittee will be going through the various comments that were given during the vote, after which the final draft will be produced. This final draft will then undergo a vote for it to be approved. You can find out more about the revision process in this video below: The ISO is not responsible for certification, which is achieved through a comprehensive system involving audits and various other best-practice methodologies that are reviewed by external regulators.

Croft has stated that there is a three year window for companies to upgrade to the revised standard once it has been published. He also suggests that reviewing the draft early instead of waiting until publication is also a good way to keep on track, saying, “Look at it, hopefully, in a proactive way, to say, ‘How can we collectively benefit from the changes of the requirements.” Are you on track when it comes to your ISO 9001 quality management standard certification?

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