Can Quality Management Help to Nurture Leadership?

Can Quality Management Help to Nurture Leadership?
October 29, 2014 seouser

Creating Good Leaders with Quality Management

Some of the ways that quality strategies can help to promote a culture of leadership and empowerment include the following:

  • Enhances Team Collaboration. Tools such as document control make it easier for teams to collaborate, which in turn gives more responsibility to delegated team members to create or edit documents, while enabling leaders to approve and review documents. Having collaborated input results in a more realistic output. It also simplifies things through permission based features that assign each person their role.
  • Promotes Responsibility and Pride. Including relevant employees who show leadership abilities in audit reviews and findings is a good way to instil a sense of ownership in company goals. This pride in turn promotes even more responsibility, as vested interest becomes more personal and “real”.
  • Encourages Input. By creating a culture of participation and feedback, ideas and suggestions can be truly heard and responded to properly. Giving visible credit to ideas that are adopted, and honest, helpful input when ideas are not used helps to empower each person, while identifying those who show potential.
  • Create Customer Complaints Teams. To use an apt phrase, “Tiger Teams” are teams that take a head on approach to issues facing the company. Often, these teams represent a broad cross-section of the company (this is important to get a realistic view of each department and level). For teams dealing with customer complaints, creating a sense of leadership within each team helps to improve service as well as team work.

By giving each employee the chance to contribute towards the achievement of goals, you can effectively empower the ability and desire to lead by example. When used alongside additional motivational strategies such as incentive programmes, quality management offers a useful tool to help create and nurture future leaders who genuinely share the same goals that you do.