8 Books on Quality Management That Are Well Worth Reading

8 Books on Quality Management That Are Well Worth Reading
August 17, 2015 seouser
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If you or your team wish to learn more about quality management, investing in some good books that focus on this field is a great way to do so. From easy to understand instructions on recommended tools, all the way to books that outline the principles and best practice approaches of quality strategies, there are many excellent books to be found on this subject. Whether you invest in hard copies or electronic books, we recommend adding some insightful reading to your to-do list, in order to expand your knowledge of quality management and get a broader understanding of what it can do for your business.

Recommended Reading for Quality Management

Some of the books that we recommended adding to your office bookshelf include the following:

1. The Quality Toolbox, Second Edition, by Nancy R. Tague

Rather than being a typical cover to cover reading book, this book serves more as a collection of tools used in the industry. As a reference and instruction book, it provides useful tips for quality professionals, businesses and various others who may be wanting to learn more about some of the most commonly used tools. It is particularly good for analysing data and information, making it a handy reference guide to keep on hand.

2. Juran’s Quality Handbook, Sixth Edition, by Joseph M. Juran and Joseph A. De Feo

Written by one of the leading thinkers in the quality world, this guide focuses on quality and engineering. Readers will learn how universal methods can be applied for excellent results, while also getting a better understanding on how organisational excellence can be achieved. It is designed to be relevant to just about any type of company, in any industry and country, and even in any process.

3. Root Cause Analysis: The Core of Problem Solving and Corrective Action by Duke Okes

This book focuses on the process and logic of finding causes behind problems. Using figures, diagrams and other tools, readers will learn how to go about making thinking more visible, thereby learning how to solve problems that are reoccurring. Rather than focusing on statistics, which can get a bit heavy, the book has a ‘lite’ problem solving approach that makes it accessible and easy to read.

4. Making Change Work by Brien Palmer

A guide for companies wanting to learn how to navigate change, this book provides useful tools for measuring change readiness, as well as additional tools to help master change management. By helping you learn how to prepare for change and successful implement changes in your business, you will come away with a better level of readiness, after tackling topics such as acceptance, fear, human considerations and other factors that affect change.

5. The Essential Deming, edited by Joyce Nilsson Orsini PhD

One of quality management’s forefathers, Deming’s highly essential quality principles are explored in this book, which comprises articles, lectures, notes and papers. In addition to a number of related topics, Deming’s primary message is the focus, providing a better understanding of the Deming system and its many advantages.

6. Organizational Culture and Leadership by Edgar H. Schein

This book has been hailed as one of the most influential management books in history. The fourth edition takes the concept of culture from abstract to tangible, showing how it can be applied to shape the very core of the organisation. The updated version is adapted to the modern world of business, using recent models and research to show how culture can be used to drive success.

7. Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product by Walter A. Shewhart

Yet another quality leader, Shewhart’s book provides a framework for modern quality control, showing how quality and economic control are closely linked. The book focuses especially on how the economy impacts on manufacturing, but also looks at statistical quality control too.

8. Practical Engineering, Process, and Reliability Statistics by Mark Allen Durivage

With over three decades of experience in the quality industry, Durivage puts his understanding, skill and thoughts into a book that provides a simple go-to look at statistics in quality. Quality professionals in just about every industry will have something to learn from this book, which is comprehensive as well as easy to understand. You may find that one of these books provides you with the tools to ramp up your strategies, or you may find that your entire library could do with some updating. Whatever the case, investing in some good quality management books can go a long way in helping you expand your knowledge of this often challenging industry.

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