5 Daily Improvement Skills to Learn From Quality Management

5 Daily Improvement Skills to Learn From Quality Management
March 2, 2015 seouser
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You use it every day for work (we hope so anyway), but you may find that you use quality management in other areas of life too… even if you are not aware of doing so. Companies have been using quality strategies for many years as a way to enable continuous improvement across various processes.

From operations to customer relations, the value of such strategies has been shown to be more than significant, while cost-savings are also a major benefit of having such measures in place. In your personal life, the very same principles can help you find improvements. Either in savings, efficiency or overall productivity, you can get on the fast track to organisation by simply making a few small changes.

Quality Management in Everyday Efficiency

How can quality management make life simpler, better and faster? Here are some of the ways that your quality strategies can be applied to everyday life to improve the way that you do things…

  • Tip 1: Document your goals

Document management in the workplace shows us that keeping track of each document helps to provide a simplified, unified system for creation, revision and versioning. You can use the same system or one that is very similar at home, too. Documenting your goals in a way that is easy to change and review later down the line helps provide better focus, which in turn helps goals to be met more easily. After all, if you are trying to tick goals off bits of paper that are scattered everywhere around the house, how will you be able to keep track of them in real life?

  • Tip 2: Planning is everything

This may sound rather obvious, but let’s face it – planning is by far the be all and end all when it comes to getting organised and achieving goals. Put processes into place, organise projects into steps and actions, use systematic tools to automate as many things as possible, get into the habit of doing audits to see that you are on track and document everything in a way that you can access each day, week and month easily.

  • Tip 3: Focus on the problem to find the solution

Rather than wasting time trying to find solutions, take the time to understand the problem at hand. Even minor challenges such as getting a fitness plan off the ground when you are not feeling motivated can be approached this way. Before you can start fixing things, you first need to be able to identify what needs to be fixed. In the case of a fitness plan that you just cannot seem to get going, this could mean looking at root causes such as how much time you have in the day, your energy levels, whether you need any special equipment or supplies or even whether you need motivation such as a trainer.

  • Tip 4: Use data to help your decision making process

At work you understand that well-informed decisions are based on fact and data rather than emotions and hunches. No matter how good your powers of deduction might be, raw data is essential for getting an unbiased, factual outline. Quality management strategies are done after evaluating data from various sources – audits, customer surveys, employee feedback and metrics from sales. Data through results, input from outside sources and current metrics can be used in personal projects. To use our workout routine example, you could look at the number of miles you jog each week, your weight loss, the calories you have burned and various other types of data.

  • Tip 5: Processes need people to work

Much like your processes will be invisible without people to put them into motion, your personal goals also need support to work. This simply comes down to using your support network to help you when needed, provide encouragement when motivation is low or even delegate tasks to as required. Use your people and work together to achieve results. As you can see, quality management need not be limited to the workplace – when used in other areas of life it provides the same level of success that your business strategies have to offer.

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