About Lennox Hill and isoTracker Quality Management

In 2006, Lennox Hill introduced isoTracker with the launch the document control module, a completely web-based system for professionals involved with ISO Quality Standards, Environmental Management , Health and Safety Management and other Compliance Management. It is used to operate the various ISO international standards. It is scalable from a single department in one location to a global organisation operating in numerous countries across many time zones.

Lennox Hill has addressed the void for an easy-to-use, fast-to-implement web-based quality management system that puts control in the hand of the Quality professional without programming, outside consulting or complex administration. Lennox Hill will continue to expand isoTracker's functionalities and add tools to the product line.

We are committed to providing products that do not require complex administration, programming and database administration. We are also committed to providing products that have a low total cost of ownership along with flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

At Lennox Hill, our product philosophy is based upon two major goals:

First, all of our products are web-based built to be operated from a hosted platform with a well-defined, easy-to-navigate architecture that allows people to use them ‘right out of the box’. Our tools are all easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain, by design.

Second, we deliver functionality that our customers tell us they really need to perform their critical administrative functions effectively. We base functionality requirements on constant feedback from our customers and prospects.