Security Measures for SaaS Document Control Software

Security is important for every organization as breaches of security can have devastating consequences. We take security very seriously and we have taken a number of measures to protect the integrity of our customer’s data. We constantly review our security measures to ensure that they are always up to date.

Our security measures apply from the security of the physical facilities to the security of the application. We have also included some safety features that give the option to our clients to take the protection of their data in their own hands.

The application is hosted on a secure data center environment controlled by the latest access control systems, 24/7 security, high-speed Internet connection through multiple providers, a climate controlled environment, a fully redundant power system and a firewall which is regularly updated

  • Each customer account has a dedicated and separate database and file storage space so that no mismatch of account information can take place
  • A unique Username/Password combination for each named user on a customer account
  • All passwords are encrypted and stored using the MD5 Hash format
  • Each user has a default 3 failed password attempts before being blocked out of the system. They can only be reinstated by the Super Admin
  • In the document control module all documents are held in folders and each folder has assigned Read and Write user group accesses. Users with Read access but not Write access can only view the document
  • Documents can only be modified after being downloaded onto a desktop by a user with Write access
  • There are Global Folder Access Right settings to prevent users other than the Super Admin to create and manage folders and documents in the document control module
  • The contents of the documents are encrypted using two encryption algorithms
  • The file names are also encrypted using the MD5 Hash format
  • All customer accounts are backed-up daily to a different location and moved to disk every two weeks