Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System Software

The isoTracker Organisation Health and Safety software helps organisations stay on top of HS issues

The isoTracker Occupational Health and Safety software is designed to assist organizations to meet HS requirements.

Ensuring the safety and health of employees enables organizations to reduce costs and comply with regulations. The isoTracker Health & Safety Management System software offers a user-friendly solution for the management of safety programs in the workplace.

isoTracker is an affordable web-based document control program that can be set up quickly and simply, with a host of benefits that make it a valuable asset to any organization.

Key features of the isoTracker Health and Safety software system include the following:

  • Centrally manage important policy documents
  • Record , monitor, resolve and close incidents
  • Simply execute audits and resolve non-conforming occurrences
  • Confirm that employees are trained and evaluated to conform to legislation

isoTracker's modular software allows organizations to choose their own modules at their own stride, to steadily implement the modules into an effective health and safety program to promote continuous improvement. Module features include:

Document and Training Management

Monitor document versions, revisions and approvals from any location online from a central dashboard. Automatically archive outdated document versions, record document changes and recall deleted documents for audits and legal compliance.

Incident Management

Record, monitor, reply and report safety incidents. Detect and resolve possible safety threats and risks. Detect non-conformances, execute root-cause analysis and put corrective and preventive actions into motion.

Audits and Inspections Management

Simply manage audit and inspection programs. Recognize non-conformances on every failed audit item; send CAPA requests and close items. Schedule audits, develop checklists offline and record results online or schedule, recycle previous checklists and schedule audits online.

Compliance Management

Record, track, monitor and report on continuing legislation compliance. Make sure that employees are trained accordingly to meet job requirements and ensure compliance with legislation.

The isoTracker Health and Safety Management Software System is both cost and time-effective. Try the 60-Day Free Trial to find out how this tool can assist with meeting HS needs in the workplace.