Document Management Software

Document management and control is essential to ensure effective quality management and regulatory compliance. The isoTracker Document Management software allows organizations to implement an automated system for document management that has an abundance of features while still being easy to use.

This tool is designed to manage any number of documents, which can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world. Stringent permission-based security ensures that access to documents can be restricted, with users then allocated selected roles within their accessible documents through isoTracker.

  • Central and secure document repository
  • Speed up review and approval phases
  • Develop & improve intra-organization communication
  • Reduce cost of regulatory compliance

Organize, Search & Access Documents

  • Documents are uploaded, encrypted and stored in secure folders
  • Every folder and its documents are given restrictive access at user and document level
  • Documents can be searched easily using a metadata search or by opening the applicable folder

Document Management, Collaboration and Usage Log

  • Every document is assigned workflow rules that regulates approval order, change request routing, check-out and check-in, publishing, review date and other rules that may be determined
  • Documents can be distributed to assigned users, reviewed, commented on, altered and then moved to the approval workflow process
  • A comprehensive usage log for each document offers a permanent record - vital for regulatory compliance of each interaction within the document

Version Control and Archiving

  • Version control certifies that no document is ever transcribed over, and that the latest version is always accessible
  • Old versions can automatically be archived to provide a secure record for legal purposes, as well as internal and external audits

Document Linking and Protection

  • Document to document linking in the Document Management tool permits users to organize files and produce a parent-child relationship between associated documents
  • Documents that are deleted by users with delete permission can be effortlessly recovered from the recycle bin

Document Management Task Notifications

  • All workflow and task-based events are automatically notified to applicable users by email and displayed on the Task page
  • All users with document access are automatically notified when a new version is published