Competency Assessment Software

Investing in People through Competency Assessment

Your people are your organization’s most important asset. Your people achieve the numerous essential tasks that help you realize your goals. As such, it is essential that your employees have the knowledge and understanding of what is required of them is essential in order to succeed.

The isoTracker Competency Assessment software helps you give your employees the best means of achieving your goals by enabling you to create skills tests determined by Job Roles and Competencies. The skills assessment tests are user-defined, and include a number of question formats such as multiple choice, text entry and true or false questions. Tests can be scheduled to run at any specified time, and can include employees on multiple job areas.

Business Drivers
  • I want to integrate new procedures quickly and simply
  • I want to detect competency gaps as early as possible
  • I want to make new employees productive earlier
  • I want to create a constant method for improvement

Every Assessment is allocated to a Job Role that has one or more Competencies that have Tests attached. Each Test could have as many questions that may be required. Questions asked at each Assessment are securely stored in order to be reconstructed for audits.

When an Assessment is scheduled, a Job Role and an employee will be chosen along with the selected Tests. A Test can be of a specific period, and will close automatically once this period has been completed.

Once complete, and Assessment can then be sent to the CAPA workflow process in order to resolve any important issues in a transparent and effective way.

The isoTracker Competency Assessment software permits Tests to be rescheduled, and Assessments to be recurring.



  • Select employees with Trainer status to take a Trainer Assessment in order for isoTracker to accept them as Trainers. Trainers are then allowed to create and grade Assessments.
  • Create Job Roles, assign Competencies to each Job Role and construct Tests for each Competency. You can then delegate your employees to the most suitable Job Roles.
  • Attach external documents or internal documents to Competencies using the Document Control module.
  • Test question banks can by any size, with numerous types of questions. Questions can be multiple choice, True/False or text entry. Tests can be designed according to a time sensitive duration or to stop once the duration has ended.
  • Assessments are scheduled to run at future dates. Creation is done by detecting the Job Role, the employee assigned to the Job Role and then the selection of the Test for each Competency that comprises the designated Job Role. Assessments can comprise multiple Tests, with each Test demonstrating a different Competency.

Running a Competency Assessment

  • Trainees are alerted when a future Assessment is due. Once created, the Assessment can be implemented at any specific time by the allocated Trainee.
  • Every Test question is automatically graded, aside for questions that require a text entry. These questions will be manually graded by the allocated Trainer.
  • Once all the integral Tests are finalized, the Assessment is graded. If the Trainee has passed the Assessment, it will be closed.
  • If an Assessment with the same properties but a different number is closed, it can be rescheduled to be run at any future date.
  • Assessments can be completed from any remote location, and can be completed by in-house and field based staff as well as suppliers, sub-contractors and any other party that has access to isoTracker.

Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions and Escalation

  • A failed Assessment can be sent to the CAPA workflow process by attaching one or more of the failed questions, and then recording the non-conformance and detecting the source of the failed question.
  • CAPA requests can be sent to the Trainee and/or to other relevant employees. A CAPA request will remain open until it has been marked as acceptably replied to and then closed by the Trainer.
  • Every CAPA request has a due date that will trigger reminder notifications if it is missed. A missed due date will automatically send an Escalation notification to a senior manager or relevant employee.

Training Records and Reports

  • Training records are stored in the isoTracker software, with instant updates when an Assessment is passed. Training activity conducted outside of isoTracker can also be recorded on each employee’s training records.
  • Historical Assessments, spot trends and identified areas of improvement can be tracked, including the frequency of re-Assessment by Job Role.
  • Report and analyze the Assessment process and recognize processes, such as CAPA. These processes can be improved in regards to the response time to the request and the quality of the response.


isoTracker, through the Competency Assessment functionality, gives you the opportunity to check that your staff have read and understood the procedures and other documents that affect them. This is an important factor in today’s environment where compliance to internal or external regulations is becoming an everyday requirement.

Ensure Compliance

  • Determine competency and make certain that new procedures are integrated into your processes quickly and simply.
  • Develop a solid history of competency testing, establish discernible levels of proficiency and foster improved customer confidence in your processes.
  • Comply with regulatory bodies that necessitate proof of training, such as the US Food and Drug Administration for instance.

More efficient Operations

  • Automate your competency testing processes and increase Trainer’s time to allow more time on the training processes.
  • Detect competency shortages early and address these gaps promptly.
  • Better responsiveness makes it simpler to introduce new employees and make them productive as soon as possible.
  • Schedule tests effortlessly and get results rapidly.

Create Consistency

  • Ensure a reliable competency testing methodology all the way through the organization.



Q. What type of questions can I include in the Assessment?

There are many different questions that can be included from multiple choice questions with a single correct answer to questions with multiple answers, Yes/No questions or even free text entry answers. Observation questions can be directed at the Trainer. All question types are automatically graded by the isoTracker software, aside for text entry and observation questions.

Q. Can I create tests for different competencies?

Yes. Each Job Role is assigned one or more competencies with each requiring the association of one or more tests. Each competency for the designated Job Role is determined when scheduling an Assessment. Tests may then be done in any order.

Q. Can a test be taken repeatedly?

Once the employee has passed the test, it will be marked as Completed. Failed tests can be re-scheduled for future dates. Once the Assessment is completed and graded, failed tests are no longer able to be re-scheduled.

Q. Can I Assessments be re-scheduled?

Yes. Once the Assessment is completed and graded, it can be re-scheduled using the exact same properties (Job Role, User, Competencies and Tests). The re-scheduled Assessment will be given a new Assessment number, and can be generated regardless of whether the prior Assessment is passed or failed.

Q. How are employees informed about Assessments to take?

The user who will be taking an Assessment will be notified on the Summary page, by email and on their Action Required page. Once the Assessment is finished, the Summary page notifications are removed. The Action Required page listing will only be deleted once the Assessment has been graded and closed.

Q. Can I categorize a failed question as a Non-Conformance and direct it into the CAPA process?

Once an Assessment has been failed, a selection of next workflow steps will be offered. These could be identification of the Non-Conformance, along with the issuing of a Corrective Action request and a Preventive Action request to relevant users. Each Non-Conformance or CAPA process requires that the failed question(s) are given, plus the responsibility for the action, clear instructions and a date and time in which a reply is due. If the response deadline is not met, a series of reminders as well as escalation notifications can be sent to users.

Q. Can I update my training records with training done outside of isoTracker?

Yes. The isoTracker tool allows courses and testing results occur outside of the system to also be included. This ensures that your training record maintained by isoTracker is always current and thorough.