Stroma Certification

Stroma Certification ISO 9001

Stroma Certification provides UKCAS accredited ISO 9001 Certification of a Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring that a business’s processes comply with the requirements of the standard and that their customers receive the service or product that they expect. This certification permits small to medium sized organizations (SMEs) to credibly compete against larger companies in the eyes of the customer.

Stroma Certification follows a four-step certification and surveillance process:

  1. Application – request a quote and complete an online application
  2. Initial Certification – completion of custom audit plan and grant of certification
  3. Surveillance Audits – annual QMS audits to ensure compliance
  4. Re-Certification – new QMS audit every 3 years with issue of new certification

This process ensures that a QMS remains an effective business tool by always complying with the requirements of the standard.

The price of ISO Certification starts at £795 + VAT and is based on the number of employees, number of offices and some other factors. Request a quote by completing this form.

Stroma Certification is also an official reseller of the isoTracker QMS software.

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