isoTracker Global Partner Program

Concept of the isoTracker Global Partner Program

You will receive 10% of all subscription fees from a client that you have referred to us for as long as they subscribe to isoTracker.

If you have a website we would also like to place a link on it. We will then keep a record of all the visitors from your site to our site and if any of them become clients of isoTracker we will pay you a recurring commission. So you earn while you sleep!

Benefits !

  • A supplementary source of income for you
  • A complete system for your clients
  • An inexpensive and easy-to-use software for your clients

Commission Example

This is a conjectural example of what an isoTracker partner could earn over a period of three years:

Commission Example

How Does the isoTracker Partner Program Operate?

Once you have referred a prospective client to us it is then our obligation to convert them. Your participation will obviously greatly help the conversion process but that is not a requirement. Once converted, we will pay you a 10% referral fee of any monies that we receive from that client. As our license operates on a recurrent basis for periods of up to 12 months, the client must regularly renew their subscription in order to maintain their access to isoTracker. Again, we will pay you 10% of any further fees that we receive from them as they renew their subscription. This shall continue for as long as that client remains a user of the isoTracker service.

If you agree to place our link code on your website, we will record the IP address of every visitor that clicks through it and if any of them match the IP address of a new client they will be deemed to have been referred by you. You will then earn the same 10% referral fee for as long as that client subscribes to isoTracker.

So you can take an inactive role and earn. There are deviations from the standard plan if you wish to be more active such as invoicing your client directly and/or training and helping them to implement isoTracker.

An isoTracker subscription is all inclusive of web-based training, nightly back-ups, system maintenance, full software upgrades and email support.

For more information about the isoTracker Partner Program please Contact Us.