The Dos and Don’ts of Competency Testing

The Dos and Don’ts of Competency Testing
March 15, 2013 seouser
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Competency testing is something that almost every company of a certain size knows about, but sadly it is not always something that is actually put into place. When it is done, short cuts are taken and interviews are speeded up to reduce time spent on this task. The only thing more damaging to overall performance than a total lack of assessments is assessments that are not conducted efficiently. Today, we take a look at some of the dos and don’ts of performance testing, and offer some tips on how to streamline the process for better results.

How to Improve Employee Competency Assessments

From haphazard interviews to well-trained interviewers; poor assessment practices and the value of employee testing software, here are a few things to note when reviewing your current review processes.


– …Consider investing in competency assessment testing software – this is a good way to automate, schedule and manage assessments without risking human errors or inconsistencies. If you want to ensure that standards are maintained, using a tool such as this is even more important. – …Keep discussions open to feedback and communication – this will ensure that each interviewee is calm and more willing to give their best efforts. Attacks, negative comments, one-sided questions and other seemingly aggressive approaches have the opposite effect. – …Provide some level of training to interviewers – HR managers, senior staff members and others who have been assigned the role should not only understand how the process works; but also the overall goals of each assessment. Software training may also be required if you are using an assessment tool.


– …Stick to only annual tests – testing should be done on a fairly regular basis, and not only with new employees either. Quarterly assessments are a good start, ensuring a more balanced overview of each employee’s competence over the work year. – …Bring in bonuses and raises to the assessment interview – this should not be the prime factor that is riding on the assessment outcome. By making employees feel that their income is at risk, or alluding to financial rewards as motivation, tests will not have the results you really need. – …Forget to keep metrics and goals in mind – make sure that you have a clear idea of which areas you want to focus on during the assessment, and use a system that offers reporting and other features rather than ‘winging’ it with no set plan. In the long run, investing in an easy to use system such as competency testing software is the best way to get your processes in order, while helping you to improve performance levels at the same time too.