How ISO Standards Help SMEs Achieve Quality Management

How ISO Standards Help SMEs Achieve Quality Management
December 9, 2011 seouser
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Quality Management for SME’s

Large companies require stringent standards across the company to ensure that every department and employee observes procedures that enable effective quality control. In the case of SME’s, the benefits of ISO Standards and greater quality management can also be significant. These standards provide specifications for products and services; increase the efficiency of processes and enable SME’s to compete against larger companies for opportunities in the global market. Leading managers and business owners across the world have offered their views on how ISO Standards have helped their companies improve their quality management strategies, indicating just how important it has become for all businesses to adhere to global standards of quality, service and processes. Working across a broad range of industries, these senior executives share their insight on how ISO Standards have helped their businesses. Key benefits include the following:

  1. “Compete on a level playing field with larger companies.” Doug Smith, President – Conematic Heating Systems, Canada
  2. “Offer additional markets for your products and services.” Per Frode, CEO – Baltic Safety Products, Sweden
  3. “Determine best business practices.” Franco Nava, Owner – TW_TeamWare, Italy
  4. “Drive efficiency in your business processes.” Martin Denison, Managing Director – Scuba Schools GmbH, Austria
  5. “Ensure credibility and confidence for your customers.” P. Sivanesan, Warehouse Manager – Union Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, Singapore
  6. “Provide new business opportunities and sales.” Moses Maina, Director – Moselli Industries Ltd, Kenya
  7. “Offer an edge against competitors.” Mike Chilman, Managing Director – MC Fire Protection, UK
  8. “Provide international brand recognition.” Julio Gómez, CEO – Avanzare, Spain
  9. “Enable company growth.” Eng. Krisdany Vinícius – Partner/Technical Director Métron Acústica Engenharia e Arquitetura Ltda., Brazil
  10. “Provide a common set of standards used across industry sectors.” Rolf Huber, Chief Executive – Masterspec Construction Information Limited – New Zealand

How ISO Standards Help Your Business

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