Effective Management by Procedures

Effective Management by Procedures
January 4, 2012 seouser
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Procedures play a vital role in any quality management strategy, and in order to get the best results from your employees and processes, Management by Procedures is a concept that has been adapted by many large franchises such as MacDonald’s.

Management Styles over the Years

Over the past few decades, there have been many different management concepts that have been used to varying levels of success by companies all over the world. Management by Objectives was first made popular by Peter Drucker in the 1950s. Essentially a form of goal setting, this concept involved managers working with employees to set goals, before driving the company to achieve these goals. Results are important, but keeping control of your company is even more so. One of the pitfalls of Management by Objectives is that focusing on goals to the extent that the environment is ignored does not bring effective results, especially when it comes to quality management. Management by Walking Around is another concept, which involves getting out into the office in order to find out what is happening in your company. Managers walk around to generate ideas from employees, while also checking that the work is being performed, and that it is the right work that is being done.

Management by Procedures

Management by Procedures is by far the most effective management style to ensure a greater level of quality control within the organisation. This is done by defining processes using mapping tools to build visual understanding and relationships. From there, tasks for each part of the process are recorded, along with the person or persons responsible for implementing the relevant tasks, and a time or delay of when each of the tasks need to be completed by. The procedure is then implemented, and perfected until it becomes used throughout the organisation. This type of management style is not a theoretical exercise. While there are elements of goal setting from Management by Objectives, and process checking from Management by Walking Around, Management by Procedures features process documentation such as process maps, policies, procedures clearly stated goals and objectives. Management is then actively involved in implementing the systems and ensuring that they are being complied with in a timely fashion thereby reducing the occurrence of non-conformances. Using tools such as document control software, you will be able to implement a Management by Procedures system, which will in turn ensure a higher level of quality management within the organisation through clear systems that are observed across the board.