Are Senior Execs Truly Aware of Your Quality Management Impact?

Are Senior Execs Truly Aware of Your Quality Management Impact?
March 10, 2015 seouser
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  • Many different tools are used to measure progress by each team. This could include everything and anything from charters, process maps, documents, files and various others. Each project record is comprised of data collected through all of these tools. Project records are therefore required to be manually collated, and leaders often have to track various versions of documents to ensure that records stay current.
  • Data is not always measured the same way by every team. Each team and their project will have their own results and metrics, and often, data is not measured exactly the same way by every team on every project. This means that data has to be individually evaluated and then integrated with other data in order to have a cohesive report.
  • Not all companies have an integrated quality management system in place. Custom or home-grown tracking systems might not have the same range of abilities and features as an integrated system, which means that it may not be as easy to track documents, audits, CAPA and various other quality areas at the same time through a single platform.

Taking into account the complexity and the involvement of reporting, it is perhaps not so surprising that top level execs are not always up to date on how well strategies are working. A full quality management system is the best way to keep things simple and report easily across all levels.

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