3 More Industries That Require Competency Testing

3 More Industries That Require Competency Testing
September 23, 2013 seouser
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Not too long ago, we took a look at some of the industries benefiting from competency testing. In this post, we go one step further to look at a few industries that don’t just benefit from this sort of testing – they desperately need it. As you most likely know by now, competency assessment focuses on addressing gaps in employee performance, skills, understanding and overall ability. Rather than simply assuming that everyone works and learns at the same pace, this sort of testing takes a more holistic picture to determine whether or not specific employees are able to do their job without issues. In this way, it’s a win-win for everyone – with employees being placed in roles they can actually succeed in, as well as companies (and clients), who get a better level of performance and service. With that said, what happens when competency gaps are left unchecked in industries relying on accuracy, safety and skills?

Which Industries Can’t Do Without Competency Assessments?

In actuality, there are far more industries that urgently need to update their competency strategies than you can shake a stick at. But for now, there are three that we want to focus on. These are as follows:


Did you know that banks are having a very bad time at present, largely due to poor customer service? Of course, the poor state of the economy is also not helping. But the effect of angry customers is devastating for financial institutions, with some reports of loss of customers as high as 10%. Then there is the issue of fraud, which is serious and widespread enough to have banks such as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) begin intensive employee training to specifically improve awareness and competency relating to fraud cases. Imagine a world where bank tellers were friendly, skilled and able to help us without being unpleasant and unhelpful, and you will soon see the importance of training and assessments in this industry.


Much like doctors, only far more under-rated and often much less appreciated, nurses require just as much competency evaluation as doctors – if not more. Nursing qualifications, despite being challenging and intensive, are very different to medical degrees, which can take up to a decade of school and training. Nurses often provide long-term patient care, in old age homes, hospitals, practices, schools – even private positions if employed as a full-time caregiver. A lack of competency can have deadly consequences to say the least.


What about long haul truck drivers, who work in logistic fleets crossing state lines on a regular basis? They ensure that our products and goods are delivered on time, but they are also the cause of severe road accidents when drivers fall asleep, fail to observe basic road rules or perform other non-compliances. The cost of such ‘mistakes’ is often too high to deal with Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) requests. Regular assessments do not only make sure that the nation’s goods are delivered on time – they also make sure that drivers remain safe on the roads, and that they adhere to best practices at all times. Which other industries require competency testing the most? Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you think.

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